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Please see below for answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about scooterack.

If you have a question that is not covered below, please just click the button and drop us a line.



What size wheel does the 8 bay scooterack hold?

The middle six slots hold the most commonly used circa 100mm diameter wheel.


The slightly wider slot on each end will accommodate a wheel up to 200mm in diameter.

Will a scooter with a smaller wheel still stand up in the outer slots?

Yes, but because they don’t fit as snugly they will tend to lean a little.

Are there any scooters that a scooterack won’t accommodate?

A scooterack won’t hold very large wheeled scooters. 


These often fit into bike racks. 


The majority of scooters use a circa 100mm diameter wheel, but with new scooter designs coming out all the time out it may pay to check which size wheels you have.

Are scooteracks heavy?

The 8 bay scooterack weighs just 2kg, but thanks to being made from Linear Low Density Polyethylene that incorporates a UV stabilizer, they’re tough.

Can a scooter be locked into a scooterack?

Yes – please check out the photos below.

Can I get a scooterack in any colour other than green?

At this point in time we only produce scooterack in green.

Do scooteracks have to be screwed into the ground?

No, scooteracks are still usable when not screwed in. 

We supply screws for additional stability and security if required.

Can a scooterack be screwed into asphalt?

The masonry screws supplied with your scooterack work best in concrete and timber.

In some instances the screws work fine with asphalt, so we’d always suggest trying this first.

Please see note below:

The tricky part for us is that asphalt varies due to thickness, substrate, age and weather conditions, all of which are out of our control. 

If they do move we would suggest one of the following:
•  Drop a small section of concrete into the asphalt to line up with the screw holes and use the masonry screws supplied.
•  Use a chemical fixing – essentially a glue that a special screw adheres to
•  If fixing directly into asphalt, we suggest trying M6 x 75mm Screw Bolts & M12 x 60mm Nylon Plugs - contact:
•  Or, if it’s simply extra stability that you’re after, then you could screw your scooterack into a timber plank

Where’s a good location for a scooterack at school?

The closer you can locate a scooterack to a classroom the better. 




Because from our observations and feedback received, this will:
•  Save a mad dash to one location at home time.
•  With so many scooters looking alike, keeping them closer to their owner’s classroom in small groups reduces confusion and mix-ups.
•  Parents also seem more inclined to leave scooters at school when the scooteracks are outside class because of the ease at drop off and a feeling of security.
•  Also, it’s often concrete or timber decking outside/near the class, which the screws we supply work well in.

What if I want to purchase more than one scooterack?

Do you allow pick-ups?

Fine by us!


But because freight costs vary depending on volume and destination, you will need to email us for a quote please.

No pick-ups sorry.


We are an online store only.

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