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scooter what?

scooterack is a simple way to park kick-style scooters.

Designed and manufactured in New Zealand, scooteracks are made from Linear-Low Density Polyethylene.

features include:

Compact Design


1180mm long x

100mm high  x

80mm deep

Easy enough for even the youngest scooter enthusiast to use​

Ample room for sponsors to add their own branding


scooter use

No more scooter pile-ups outside classrooms

UV resistant

Holes for locks

​Rainwater drainage holes

Screws into timber or concrete for increased outdoor security

8 bay rack parks 8 scooters on the same or alternating sides.

New Zealand made

100% recyclable

On the 8 bay rack, the end slots can accommodate scooters with wider than standard (circa 98mm diametre) front wheels

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